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Our IV Therapy provides vitamin-infused drips that promote rehydration, recovery and repairs at the comfort of our office. Recover Fast, Boost Energy, & Promote Wellness with IV Drip Therapy in Tijuana, BC

Certified and Trusted

Administered by certified doctors and nurses with extensive experience.

Personalized Drip Therapy

Our medical team will help you find and customize the right IV Drip protocol, so you can feel your absolute best.

Quick Consultation

Our licensed medical providers will review your medical history and vitals.

Doctor-Led And Designed

IVology in Tijuana Led by two Doctors with extensive medical experience, strive to bring together medical science and functional wellness to bring you effective IV hydration. our dedicated team of medical professionals are determined to share the benefits of IV drip therapy.

Unlike traditional oral supplements, our IV therapy drips have a 100% absorption rate and effectively replenishes your levels of hydration by restoring your balance of vitamins and nutrients that has you feeling renewed. 

We Provide Best IV Therapy in Baja California

Get the edge your body needs to live a lifestyle without boundaries. Our IV therapies in Tijuana have been carefully formulated to provide your body with the vitamins, nutrients, fluids, electrolytes and antioxidants that you need. With our select IV therapies to choose from, our specially formulated IV drips will help you work hard and play harder.

Athlete Performance

An athletic performance enhancer that increases energy level and training capacity. Promotes rapid recovery and injury prevention.

Immunity Boost

Cleanse your body of toxic materials, poor diet, smoking, alcohol, pollution, which our body accumulates.

Myer's Drip

Our Myer’s Cocktail is a multivitamin and moisturizer to maintain balance, health and helps lower blood pressure


Our Minerals IV is made up of nutrients and vitamins focused on strengthening the immune system


Our Bones Cure addresses cases of joint pain caused by degeneration. Also in cases of trauma in general.


Our Post Op IV Drip will significantly improve recovery after undergoing a procedure.

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At IVology, our mission is to Improve the quality of life of our patients through comprehensive and individualized assistance with the highest technical, professional and human excellence.


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